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Birthdate:Jul 12
Location:United States of America
I Was And Continue To Be Me...

I am an over-enthusiastic fangirl and abuser of adjectives. I am horrendously shy and I ramble constantly.
Feel free to PM me or comment on an entry. If friended, I will friend back, but I rarely friend first.

My Current Fandoms of Interest Are: Supernatural, Sherlock, Merlin, Once Upon A Time, Torchwood, Being Human, True Blood, Dexter, Psych, and many others.

I am sick and tired of not understanding your references

Interests (91):

42, aidan mccollin, apple face jungle pie, are you being served, arthur, autism awareness, bamftastic literature, bamfties, bbc, being human, books, burton "gus" guster, button chops, canton everett delaware, capt jack harkness, captain jack's coat, captain john's coat, cariad, castiel, cesare borgia, crowley, david tennant, dead like me, dean winchester, dexter, doctor who, elliott smith, equal human rights, erase hate speech, eric northman, eye candy, fanfic, fangirlishness, four word limits, frackles, futurama, general fangirl activities, giggles, glasses, godric, harry potter, i_love_nerds, i_love_someone_with_autism, ianto jones, ianto's suit, inside jokes, josh radcliffe, lassie face, librarian!cas, magnus bane, making interest lists, mark sheppard, marvin, merlin, misha frakking collins, mockingjay, movies, nerds, nurse jackie, once upon a time, owl face turtle cat, pineapple, professor!cas, psych, pushing daisies, reading, ridding world of evil, russian!cas, ryan ross, science fiction, secret_diary_of_a_call_girl, shawn spencer, sherlock, snark, supernatural, supernatural academy, teaboy, the borgias, the impala, the more you know, the tudors, thursday, ties, torchwood, trench coats, true blood, veronica mars, wallander, winchester, wonderland, yahtzee
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